We know window shopping could be a stressful and overwhelming experience. That's why Property Improvement Specialists make every effort to provide you with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision. There is never “buy today” pressure, nor are there “gimmicks” to insult one’s intelligence.

Initial Consultation

We believe our customers deserve the very best in service, products, and installation. Our initial consultation is designed to find out your needs and likes. We also thoroughly inspect your window openings to determine the appropriate installation technique. We talk about our unique production process which encompasses a number of “preventative steps”, thus eliminating many mistakes prevalent to the industry.

No High-Pressure tactics. No Price or Discount schemes. No Haggling


Once Given the “Go Ahead”

Once you have decided to hire Property Improvement Specialists for your window project, you will be assigned a project coordinator who will be responsible for taking exact measurements of your window openings, ordering the necessary products, and finally, being the head installer for your project.


What Makes Us Unique?

  • We do not use sub-contractors so all of our installers are company employees.
  • Our installation crew is paid hourly and not by how many windows they install per day. This encourages our professionals to take as much time on each window in order to ensure a thorough and meticulous installation. Because of this, we get virtually no service call backs. Once we install your windows, your worries are through!
  • We use galvanized screws to prevent any shifting that may occur to your new windows as well as screw caps to conceal every screw hole to give the window a clean and finished look.
  • We use the latest in sealant technologies to make certain your window will never leak.
  • We insulate around the openings with low-expansion polyurethane foam insulation to prevent the unwanted air draft.
  • We carefully clean up any debris that accumulated during the installation process and haul away your old windows.
  • We recycle old aluminum windows from your home thus helping contribute to environmental sustainability.