Now more than ever property owners are searching for ways to contribute to global energy-efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint. Windows play an essential role in reducing energy costs and making your property more energy efficient. The glass you select is the single most important component to ensure better energy efficiency and in turn reduce your energy bills. Our manufacturers are constantly innovating their window, glass, and glazing technologies in order to offer the highest level in soundproofing, insulation, and energy efficiency.

Single Pane vs Double Pane

  • Soundproofing: you will be pleasantly surprised by how much your new vinyl replacement windows will block out noise that your old aluminum or wood windows never did.
  • Energy Efficiency: you should save an average of 30% - 35% off your energy bills after your new windows are installed.
  • Insulation: new high performing windows are able to filter unwanted air drafts out of your residence which keeps warm air inside in the winter and cool air inside in the summer months.


Double Glazing


Double glazing, one of the most important innovations in the window industry, is the use of two thicknesses of glass which are separated by an air space. This helps keep the heat transfer process to a minimal, thus resulting in improved insulation. Previous glazing techniques  were often flawed and allowed moisture to collect between the two panes of glass. The manufacturers we deal with have perfected their glazing techniques and have proven to be reliable insulators which will reduce interior fogging. Every one of our reputable brands back their glass with a Full Lifetime Warranty so you can rest assured knowing you are protected!


Low-E Glass

Low-E stands for low-emissivity which is a clear coating that is applied to one side of the glass in a dual pane window. Emissivity is a measurement of how well a surface is able to absorb or emit radiant energy. In regards to heat loss, a lower emissivity rating translates to better insulating ability. Low-e coating is able to offer you a number of benefits. First, the coating is able to block harmful UV rays which will preserve your floors, carpets, and furnishing and keep them from fading. Second, the microscopically thin coating is able to reflect the sun's heat and damaging rays thus keeping your property cool and comfortable.


Argon Gas Fill

Argon gas is a non-harmful gas which is injected in between the two panes of glass. Argon is the most popular gas used in the window industry because of its superior thermal performance. Argon, being a low conductivity gas is able to significantly reduces conductive and convective heat transfers. This is because this gas's density is much greater than the density of air thus slowing down the transfer of energy between the two panes of glass and contributing to energy efficiency.



Our manufacturers offer various glass options that go far beyond improving just energy efficiency. Whether you want to bring more sunlight into a room or add privacy, we have the glass options to fit any replacement project.


Obscure door and window glass allows you to add privacy to any room such as a bathroom or bedroom at the same time allowing ample light to fill the room. We offer many textures and patterns to support your tastes and desires.

Aquatex Delta Frost Glue Chip
Narrow Reed P516 Rain



Customize any room with any of our Tinted Glass options to provide comfortable shading and privacy from direct sunlight.

Solar Grey Solar Cool Grey Solar Bronze
Solar Cool Bronze Solar Green Greylite 31
Laminated Azuria Clear



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Tempered glass is often used for safety purposes due to its superior strength. If ever broken, this glass breaks into small pebble-like pieces which protect you otherwise from large and potentially harmful sharp edges. Building code regulations make it necessary to have certain windows and doors tempered in order to reduce the likelihood of injury in the event of breakage.



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Laminated glass is achieved by bonding together two or more panes of glass together using a plastic inner layer which is highly effective in reducing noise. Almost 99.9% or ultraviolet rays are eliminated with the glass type which provides the highest degree of protection from sun damage to your floors, carpet, drapes, and furnishings.