How to choose the right Window Company                                  

There are many window companies in your area no matter where you live. Many have salesman which will try to use hard-sell tactics in order to sell their windows on the spot and rip you off. Choose a company with credentials, references, and that you feel will do the best job for you. Here are some things to look for in a window replacement company:


  • Make sure that the company specializes in window and door replacement

  • Company carries at least a C17 Glazing License or even better, a C17 Glazing License as well as a General Contractor's License

  • Company has an extensive reference list readily available to potential clients

  • Does not use sub-contractors to install the windows –> this is important for the quality of installation. Hired subs usually get paid for every window they install which encourages them to install as many windows as they can, paying little attention to details or quality

  • Carries necessary insurance: liability, worker's compensation, automotive

  • Better Business Bureau member with a positive report


Remember there are many companies out there trying to get your business, choose the one which is qualified to do the best work for you!